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When my little lady sprout moved out of her crib and into her big girl bed she started to have some sleep problems. They would range from night terrors to being scared to be in her room alone. I decided then to make my first dreamcatcher. I put all sorts of good vibes into it. Around the same time I was telling my girlfriend about it. She brought over an amethyst and told me to run it under cold water for a bit and put it outside in the sun. Then she told me to place it under her pillow that night. Now I also rub a little oil blend on her feet and her spine when she has troubles.

When my brother told me his wife wasn’t sleeping great I decided to give her a little gift of things that have worked for my little one. In her little sleep kit I made her a dreamcatcher that reflects her personality and style including some antique lace and some gold beads from her wedding. Then I made her a sleepy-time blend of lavender,¬†frankincense, and vetiver to rub on her feet and neck at bed time. I also gave her an amethyst to place under her pillow. I really hope it helps. No sleep is no good.